Adding Value:

Plus sourcing adds value. We are dedicated to finding a good price, best quality, good lead time production and bona fide factory capabilities for our clients. With a local professional trade service team, monitoring detailed inspection and professional approach, buyers can control the entire purchasing process, adding more value and therefore providing a cost effective end product.

Many of our clients enjoy the best price and the most reliable supplier within the industry, when they work with us. 20-30% cheaper, 2 to 3 times less claim rate, and the fastest lead time is a common goal in our service.

Professional trade agents will help you contact a reliable factory, then our local QC Engineer will inspect the factory, along with every run of a production. Ensuring the correct value of each order, and arranging price analysis for all shipments.
The whole process will have been recorded with a photo + video inspection report to be send right after the product completion and before loading to container or plane.


Fast Speed:

We answer all of our enquiries within 24 hours. Usually with a photo and standard links. We will search a reliable resource supplier for our clients within 2 working days. All factory audits or QC inspection arrangements can be allocated within 1 day, and the task is always completed within 2 days.
Most of the factory’s we work with, have a lead time of 20 to 35 days, and a mixed container is always loaded within 1 day. Our clients very much enjoy our lighting speed service, as well, we are on hot-line 24/7.


Transparent Costs:

We offer transparent servicing and costs, linking our clients directly to factories. There is no ‘fat’ on our pricing, no top up on the product and services offered. Our clients enjoy our fair and transparent costing and prices, allowing them a more competitive edge their market.


Competitive Pricing:

The fee of our one stop full service fee is only 5% of the total purchasing amount – which is 60% less than our competitors. No MOQ or any other added terms. For doing a quality control inspection ONLY. We charge a humble 3% fee, and include a piece by piece inspection to make sure that big and valuable products like furniture, are always in their best condition.

Plus Sourcing has served our clients, world wide, for more than 14 years. We specialize in servicing small and middle size trade companies. To add value into your business, is always our target. Although our service fees are low, the core mission of our business is to help clients, ultimately, enjoy the trading business, with fewer problems, and greater success.


Plus Sourcing Ltd: Always at your service.