PLUS Sourcing Ltd Offers the Most Transparent Trade Services

We will be help you to manage all your purchasing process from source the right supplier to delivery products to your hands. Plus Sourcing have 4 plans to make your business much simpler and cost effective.

Free Trail,QC Only,Sourcing and QC,Premium Trade Service

Free Services

Free For All Following Services
  • Free search to find Suppliers and Product
  • Free search for Logistic Price Study
  • Free contract customer and reminding lead time.

Basic Plan

3% QC Only
  • No MOQ Min Cost of 195USD for one trip QC inspection or new factory audit and inspection
  • 3% for piece by piece inspection for all products in China
  • No MOQ QC inspections in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia for 350USD min or 5% of order amount.

Pro Plan

5% Sourcing & Trade Service Full Package
  • No MOQ Min we do sourcing, QC inspection, logistic arrangement, legal aid, claim service
  • 5% for whole trade service package, transparent price
  • We offer full trade purchasing service, for LCL, full container, drop shipping, example approve and product development assistant, purchasing contract with regular supplier, negotiation of price, lead time, quality issues and logistic price. From idea of trade to make sure products delivered to customers hands.

Extra Services

$5+ Competitive Price
  • No MOQ about 3 to 10USD per photo to arrange commercial level photos for customer
  • No MOQ video’s for customer website or social media
  • Arrange 3D map drawing, 3D render photos
  • Arrange warehouse.
  • Mixed container consolidation 295USD per container, arrange inspector to make sure all items from different supplier load well and record the whole process to make sure no product is lost or damaged.
  • Arrange example to be developed and confirmation between designer and factories.
  • Legal issues, contract negotiation and confirmation, legal problems and dispute solutions.
  • Help to establish company in Hongkong, China, or other territories.

Free Services

When you submit or email us your initial inquiry, letting us know what products you want and which part of the trade process we can help you with, we will assign our professional to assist you with the following services, free of charge. 

Product Sourcing, Cost Evaluation: 

Plus Sourcing acts as a sourcing agent and will help you find the suppliers in China or all of Asia and find you the most cost effective price and quality solution, as you need.

We also evaluate the total cost for the whole trade process, including but not limited to the mass production price, total shipping costs, tax and customs duty from a beginning processes to eventual delivery to your door. You can then make informed decisions based on our joint research research results.

Product Samples and Customization: 

Plus Sourcing enables you collect product samples from various suppliers, and  to check the quality before shipping from China. After confirmation via video and photographs, you will be able to select the best options available, before and after manufacture. All the peripheral details of product manufacturing, for example, logos, barcodes, packaging and product color, QTY, and all other bone fide technical requirements, will be carefully checked and monitored to  comply with local and international standards.

Basic Plan

QC Costs Are 3% Of Total Cost Of Order

Plus Sourcing Ltd, ensures that your products are of the best quality. We do that through systematic quality control and by providing piece by piece inspection in China. We give full reports with detailed photography or video during inspection, and we also insist that all the supplier’s factory has been properly audited and inspected before an order is placed.

We do offer no MOQ but there is  $175USD min cost for QC inspection and a charge of a 3% service fee based on the purchased amount of supplier invoice. No additional cost is needed, and the whole process is a guaranteed and transparent process, protected by a written strictly observed contract.

Pro Plan

Sourcing & Trade Service Full Package 5%

After the Free Service testing process, you may already have good suppliers to start the trace business. You can choose to either purchase from our recommended suppliers, or from your own. (We have worked with many excellent local suppliers and some of them have offered us special pricing and payment terms all of which prove to be very beneficial).

You can enjoy all the following services by paying a 5%  service fee based on the product value of each order. (We offer premium pricing when an order is than 50,000USD, please talk to our manager for more details).

Production Manufacturing:

Sourcing suppliers for a production can take from two or three hours to two or three days, and the manufacturing process, on average, takes about 20-60 days. Our sourcing agents and QC Engineers will help you coordinate a good working relationship with factories, consistently ensuring that products are made according to  your market specifications. This is the most value-able service we offer because it will give you a stable price, quality and lead time for the trade results..

Packaging, Barcode And Tracking Label Solutions:

55% or more of transport damage claims are related to bad package and incorrect labeling information on carton boxes. Your confirmation of end addresses will help you confirm the correct destination. 

We also provide a water proof bar code sticker editing printing service, to make sure that any given factory has enough stickers of the right color and option boxes to avoid mistakes and problems.

Detailed Quality Inspection:  

We offer piece by piece full in factory inspection during manufacture. In this way, any problems will be detected early. If at this time the fail rate is high we will ask the factory to redo the whole batch. The product information and details will be carefully checked and compared to the initial contract and invoice. 

If a factory doesn’t allow us to do a full inspection, (When the order is of a high quantity and also being manufactured by machines). We will do AQL 2.0 as standard and select enough samples to sort out the quality inspection process. Which will be carefully monitored and recorded throughout. All the above are included within the 5% service fee, we usually do as many as needed inspections until the quality issue is solved. Private QC hired outside our preview, charge specialist fees of $200/$300 per hour and do not rectify the problem. 

Free Consolidation: 

We provide professional inspectors to arrange your mixed container consolidation. All the products will arrive in a facility closest to the dock, and products have been loaded form there to a dock with one container. All the carton boxes will be carefully counted and marked with box series numbers and a photo taken as a record. In this way the destination unload is made easier.

We carefully monitor the CBM and try to fill your container up saving the cost of free space. Especially when international shipping cost are now so high. 

Shipping Arrangements:

We help you access the most cost effective way to deliver products from Asia to your appointed oversea address, or to Amazon warehouses. We handle all  of the import & export processes. We are competitive shipping agents. A quote from us, courier service, sea freight, or air freight, is excellent value.

Extra Services

Start from $5

Our QC and full package trade service can meet most of our clients’ requirement; we also offer many extra services to make your trade business smoother and convenient. Here are some of them and we can quote for you if you require further options.


Commercial Level Photography and Video:  

We work with one of the best photographer and video producers in Asia. You will see much of our previous work on our website. We offer from $5 -$10 USD per photo, and less than $120USD per video with commercial level results.

Lifestyle photography is also part of our service.

All the photography and videos are sent to photo studios directly under our management. We will arrange the process and send them to you for confirmation. They will then be carefully checked for anomaly’s before being sent back to the factory of origin.


Render and 3D Drawing:

More and more websites will need render photos and 3D drawings before products arrive at client destination. We make them well in Asia, because we are closer to the manufacturer, with direct language communication. The results are price completive and up to the best standards. Please talk to our agent for more information regarding price and lead time.

Legal Work: 

We provide local lawyers to help you with contract agreements, with local law and international regulation requirements, including any legal disputes by lawyers. A competitive fee – for a contract review  is only $99USD. 

Extra Labour:

Our workers can help with labour. All the many tasks needed for preparing goods for dispatch China side. ($5/hour) 

Insurance Arrangements:

We help our clients to arrange insurance for transportation and trade. From setting up insurance agreements through to making a claim. 

Last season we helped one of our customers in Northern Europe make a claim for 90% of the cost on a missing shipment.