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Global Logistics Shipping
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All-in-one Import from China Solution

At Plus Sourcing, we will work with and manage all your different suppliers from source to delivery, making your supply chain much simpler and more efficient. We not even only handle sourcing, also assist with international transport and 3PL.

Step 01

Submit your inquiries by letting us know what you need. After your question, customer support will email you back in the next few hours. And they will assign you an agent to start sourcing your products in China.

Step 02

Send your required product quotations within two or less working days. You can now order product samples to ensure its quality, and you can also do Sample customization.

Step 03

Confirm with your agent about the product details before placing bulk order. Your agent will coordinate with factories, follow up the production, and ensure you about the product’s quality.

Step 04

Collect your products in our warehouse, inspect the quality, and arrange courier via sea or air shipping to your destination. We believe you will enjoy the future cooperation.