Products We Help You Get from China

Products We Have More Than 10 Years Experiences

Except for sourcing wide range of consumer products, we also have some more specialized product categories. For examples Furniture, Lighting, Small LED and Electronic Products, For these categories, we have more than 10 years of related experiences, good factory resources, and have supported world-famous brands.

Furniture Manufacturing

We currently working with more than 89 factories in North, Middle South of China and also Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Cover all the furniture catalogue, wood, metal, plastic, upholstery from massive manufacturing to customized products. We are experts in both sourcing and quality control for the whole process of OEM and ODM products.

Lighting Manufacturing

Since 2008, we have been sourcing and customizing different styles of lamps for European Market. Our strong point is to help you source the best lighting factory in Guzhen city, which more than 55% of all lighting factory located in South China. We have our own warehouse and QC team in Guzhen city.

Electronic Products

Shenzhen is the biggest electronic and droppshipping center city in China. We are located here since 2012, our office and team were mainly stay in this city and knew this industry inside out. We have colleagues who has been responsible for serving large and small customers in the small electronic product business for over 10 years. 


More Of Our Specialized Product Categories Are Coming