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Plus will prove to be your best 1688 agent China for sourcing your goods from 1688

Purchase From 1688

We offer a list of a wide variety of products for our users, select from the list, and send us their links. Now relax, it’s not your headache anymore 1688 Agent China will do it for you.

Quality Control

Our QC team is highly professional and inspects every product to make sure that the product will deliver in good condition. Providing the right product to the client is our priority.

Reinforce Orders

We usually Combine all orders into a single one that will save up to 70% of shipping. We use boxes to make sure that the goods we deliver remain protected.

Shipping Worldwide

We will be your 1688 shipping agent, and ship your goods across the globe according to the shipping method you have chosen. We do shipping by Air Freight, Air Express, & Sea Freight.

Convenience Due to 1688 Sourcing Agent

Our 1688 Buying Procedure

How to buy goods from in bulk by Plus Sourcing Company?

Step 01: Choose Your Desired Product From

Browse products gallery, select your product, and record the product link.

Step 02: Tell Us About Your Need

You can contact us via (enter your company’s email address), or you may join our online-chatting, our “1 on 1” customer service starts after we get your request with the product details you need to purchase from

Step 03: Pay For Your Products

Once we get your product link, we will check it for the price, contact the manufacturer, and calculate the shipping cost from the factory to our warehouse. And then we make the first payment, which includes all things within China.

Step 04: Place Your Order

After receiving payment from you, we purchase from for you. Usually, we collect your product from 1688 within just three days.

Step 05: Quality Inspection

When we receive a product from, we will check the product quality and make sure the product is exceptional and the same as shown in1688 product listing description.

Step 06: Final Shipping Of Product

After making the shipping payment, we will ship your goods as per your request. We have various shipping methods for you to choose from. For example, Ship by expresses like DHL, FedEx, SF express, or Ship by Sea freight or by air freight.

1688/Taobao Agent China Assistance Cost

We don’t charge any fees when we start the sourcing service. We only charge when you are fully satisfied with everything from sourcing to quotation and order following to shipping. We have dedicated to the source you high-quality products from 1688 with the best possible cost. 

We also want to provide the cheapest 1688 agent service, so when you have a lot of goods to buy, you can negotiate with us to get a good price.

1688 Agent China Points To Note

You must have known the safely buying procedure from 1688 Agent China

Inquiry, analysis and then select the outclass deal

We scroll around till we find the best price and high-quality products through analysis. Plus Sourcing is always open for consultation, and we will be happy to serve you with sensible advice.

Check the limits and rules for wholesales of the vender.

If you order a less quantity than required by the seller, Plus sourcing will check for it, if we find your order invalid we will ask you to place a new order.

We choose ``TrustPass`` sellers to avoid any inconvenience.

“TrustPass” sellers are the most convenient sellers in particulars of quality and return/exchange policies. Please consult Plus Sourcing if you are having trust issues with the seller.

Enclosed final arrangements

Before placing your order, don’t forget to settle down the rules of return and exchange it with your vendor, for instance, what circumstances will allow you to return or exchange the products.

Ample Choices for You

We offer a worldwide platform for substantial online 1688 purchasing trading(1688 agent in ghana/Indonesia/Malaysia/Nairaland/Singapore/Nigeria…)

Candid Supply from Manufacturers

We don’t have mediators to charge extra. As the best 1688 agent, we provide all the transparency mode.

Security Assurance

The most trustworthy platform for 1688 agent in quality control. We provide a good quality system to ensure the quality of your goods.

You Can Find Out Our 1688 Agent Services Here

You can buy bulk qualitative products from China with the Best 1688 Agent China.

Primary Service

We help people like you in buying goods from We mainly focus on making available the quality and reliable service at a reasonable cost. We provide you an original service package that includes everything from purchasing to product check and from warehouse storage to order consolidation, repacking, and then global shipping. We offer all these services at a very minimal cost.

Company Sourcing

Mostly business people approach different manufacturers of the same product to maintain their internal quality system in supply-chain management. 1688 buying agent provides you the best company sourcing service of three trusted factories in China that are producing the subject product. Being dedicated in all ways is the best access for your business success.

Sample For Goods

Are you having trust issues in paying for large orders? You can remarkably lower the risk rate by checking our product samples before bulk buying. 1688 Agent’s main aim is to help their customers to obtain product samples from various suppliers, make them deliver to our warehouse where you can check your samples, and combine in a single parcel. Then we provide it to your address.

Factory Visit

We visit your chosen factory in China on your behalf to inspect their products to help you save your precious time, travel costs, and other expenses. We investigate the facility, verify the license, and observe production to ensure that the goods are produced to meet high-quality standards.

Amazon merchant FBA Assistance

Let us know the requirements of your products, and we will deliver it to your warehouse ASAP. We provide Amazon merchant FBA assistance, which includes Product Sourcing Service, Prep Service, quality inspection, and brand labeling. Also, we offer FBA bundle packaging services and their shipping to FBA warehouses. Sourcing From and Selling products on Amazon will become easy for you.

Customized Products And Their Samples

We motivate you to achieve complete success in your specialized order. For this, our Team works closely with the manufacturer to ensure that the final product you receive should meet your specifications and expectations. Before proceeding with any request for the demand of particular order, you can take help from sourcing Agent service. We will get Company Samples for you to keep you updated about your final product.